Spices and Herbs That Promote Longevity

While plenty of signs show spring is around the corner, we are not out of the woods yet! As the cold, dark days of winter give way to the cold, dry winds of early spring, keep your health and longevity fired up with spices and herbs.

Boasting big flavor and health benefits, spices and herbs are similar, but have some small differences. In general, spices are considered to be the aromatic dried seeds, fruit, roots, or bark, while herbs tend to be the leaves of herbaceous plants. Also, spices usually have a stronger flavor punch than the subtler flavor of herbs. Ancient cultures have valued both herbs and spices for their culinary and medicinal properties since ancient times. Today, plenty of studies have found that compounds in everyday herbs and spices can increase mental function and physical vitality.

Start serving up these healthy herbs and spices in your cooking right away!

Spices and Herbs That Promote Longevity
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