Foods So Spicy You Need A Waiver

There are two kinds of spicy foods: the kind people eat for pleasure, because the heat makes the food taste good, and the kind that people can really only eat because they are a little bit masochistic. In the slideshow below, HuffPost Food has collected examples of extremely spicy food, from hamburgers to sushi, in which the restaurants all require a waiver before you can chow down. Why a waiver? Well the restaurant doesn't want to be held responsible for any health problems that may arise from eating these extremely hot creations (and, it makes some great publicity). But if you're one of the brave ones that think that potential digestive issues, massive sweating and general discomfort sounds fun, then be our guest. Just don't say the restaurant didn't warn you.

Check out some spicy foods that require a waiver below:

Spicy Food

Photo: Flickr/Matt Ryall