Spicy Soup Burns Hole In Chinese Man's Stomach

The next time you consider chowing down on something spicy, consider the possible consequences. A 26-year-old man in China recently became a cautionary tale when a spicy soup he consumed burned a hole in his stomach.

The soup in question is a traditional Chinese hot pot dish called "mala," which translates to "numbing hot." It gets its name from the numbing sensation produced by its ingredients, which usually include Sichuan pepper, local spices and chili pepper.

After consuming it, the unnamed man -- who had no history of gastrointestinal disorders -- began experiencing sharp pains and vomiting blood. He was rushed to a hospital in Wuhan, where doctors discovered a hole in the wall of his stomach.

According to the Herald Sun, local Chinese reports suggest that some restaurants have begun using less-expensive synthetic ingredients that mimic the spice of their natural counterparts. It was not reported what was in the soup that the man consumed.

Photo by Flickr user Ayleen Gaspar.



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