The Fake 'Spider-Man 3' Titles May Secretly Hold A Sinister Reveal

The internet's spidey senses are tingling about those "fake" MCU titles.

Despite nonstop rumors, the biggest “Spider-Man 3” reveal so far seems to be that the true villains are Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon.

On Tuesday, the three “Spider-Man” stars seemingly trolled Marvel fans, providing three different (and likely fake) titles for the upcoming movie, including “Phone Home,” “Home Slice” and “Home-Wrecker.”

With the previous two “Spider-Man” films having some version of “home” in the title (“Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home”), fans didn’t know what or whom to believe.

And the actors seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

But what if their titles actually do reveal something?

Like Nic Cage with some lemon juice and the Declaration of Independence, the internet got to work looking for secret messages. So listen up, Marvel fans, because what they found is enough to make anyone desperate for information break out their red string and tinfoil hats.

First off, one fan noticed the titles had a somewhat peculiar color scheme.

When stacked on top of each other, they created a viral tweet and possibly hint at a classic “Spider-Man” villain’s return:

Green Goblin has been an antagonist in both Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s “Spider-Man” films, so at this point Tom Holland must feel left out.

Hang in there, dude.

With the new “Spider-Man 3” supposedly being about the “Spider-Verse,” and reports of actors from previous films returning, there’s now an opportunity to bring the villain back.

Willem Dafoe played the character in Maguire’s “Spider-Man” movies, and in 2016 we asked the actor about the possibility of reprising the villain. At the time, he dismissed the idea so quickly we didn’t even put his answer in our story. But that was before serious talk of the multiverse in Marvel movies was a thing.

With these new titles, and stories of Dafoe being spotted on set of “Spider-Man 3,” it seems it may be time to ask him again.

There could also be a practical reason for the three “Spider-Man” titles. If you’re doing a movie about the multiverse, of course it would have multiple names.

The movie released its first images on Tuesday as well, and while they seem fairly innocuous, they may be Stranger than we all think.

Are the “Spider-Man” stars with Doctor Strange? Could these titles be hinting at Green Goblin or other villains? Is this a solid confirmation of the “Spider-Verse”?

As “Spider-Man 3” director Jon Watts previously told HuffPost, “At Marvel I would say anything is on the table.”

Whatever the case, this marketing campaign is clearly a “Spider-Man: Home Run.”

Do you think there’s secretly more to the “Spider-Man 3” titles?

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