Spider-Man, Batman Arrested After Alleged Times Square Brawl

Spider-Man, Batman Arrested After Alleged Times Square Brawl

Two costumed characters in New York City's Times Square were arrested on Saturday night along with a third man for allegedly fighting, according to multiple reports.

The two characters were doing what costumed heroes do these days -- hustling for tips on a street corner in exchange for photos -- when two men started yelling and gesturing at them.

The New York Post reports that 23-year-old Thomas Rorke allegedly grabbed Batman -- aka 41-year-old Jose Escalona-Martinez -- from behind and shouted, "I'm gonna fuck you, Batman.” Then, he allegedly grabbed Spider-man -- aka 35-year-old Abdel Elkahezai -- on the rear.

His Spider Sense clearly tingling, Elkahezai allegedly sprayed Rorke with his webbing, or at least his prop Silly String, the paper reported.

Soon enough, punches were thrown. Rorke appears to have gotten the worst of it, with CBS New York reporting that he was socked repeatedly in the face and chest.

He (Rorke) was intoxicated and messing with Batman and they got into it,” a rival Spider-man, 50-year-old Paul Smith, told the New York Daily News.

“Everybody, no matter what costume they are wearing, has the right to protect themselves. It's like Stand Your Ground in Florida,” he told the newspaper.

All three were arrested.

CBS reports that Spider-man has a rap sheep of his own: Elkahezai has previous arrests for alleged public urination, assault and weapons possession.

However, at least one other hero vouched for Spidey.

"He's one of the best guys, honest, religious," a man dressed as Captain America, who declined to give his name, told the Daily News. "One of the first guys out here."

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