Dad Sells Spider-Man Comic Book To Help Pay For Daughter's Wedding

Even packed away in a dusty box, Spider-Man still managed to come the rescue.

A Cleveland Heights, Ohio, man auctioned a vintage Spider-Man comic book he bought in 1963 to pay for part of his daughter's wedding, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

The price of the nuptials had weighed on Richard Schaen, 69, who remembered he had a box of comics stashed away, according to the newspaper. So he auctioned his "Amazing Spider-Man" No. 1 on and netted $7,000. (The item actually fetched $7,900 before the listing fee.) Not bad for the 12-cent investment he made in paying for it when he was 19.

The money is earmarked for the reception. When he told his daughter Jane, "She was delighted and in tears," Schaen said to The Huffington Post. "I did it for my daughter."

Now that Schaen has become a superhero of sorts for his Marvel-ous act, he'd like privacy. The retired electronics technician told HuffPost he has been overwhelmed by the media attention. "I didn't want publicity," he said. "It's gotten out of hand."

But being press-shy didn't diminish Schaen's Spidey sense of collecting valuable comics over the years. He sold a "Daredevil" for $1,600 on Tuesday, the Plain-Dealer wrote.

Since the story broke, he has moved what's left of his trove of comics to "an undisclosed location" away from his house, he said to HuffPost.