'Spider-Man' In India: 'Amazing' Comic Book Film Won't Debut In U.S. First

Summer blockbusters: Think globally, act globally? In a move that is becoming more and more commonplace, Sony announced that "The Amazing Spider-Man" will have its debut in India on June 29, four days before the film opens in U.S. theaters on July 3.

“Each of the Spider-Man franchise films has broken records on its release in this territory," Sony Pictures India MD Kercy Daruwala said to THR.com in a statement. "We are very confident that Indian audiences will enjoy the new reboot of the franchise even more because they are watching it before the U.S. and also, as this film has an India connect."

About that connection: "The Amazing Spider-Man" co-stars Irrfan Khan ("Slumdog Millionaire," "The Darjeeling Limited"), a famed Indian actor.

While how much money a film earns at the domestic box office is always what creates headlines, Hollywood has cast its collective eye toward international territories in recent years with strong results. Disney debuted "Marvel's The Avengers" around the world a week before the film hit U.S. theaters, and has seen ticket sales cross $1 billion. Similarly, Universal's "Battleship" opened in foreign territories first, and that film -- which had a budget reportedly near $250 million -- has already collected over $215 million worldwide. "Battleship" opens in North American theaters on May 18.

Sony has had success debuting films in the foreign marketplace before: the studio premiered "Quantum of Solace" internationally before it launched in the U.S., and will do the same with the upcoming James Bond film, "Skyfall."

For more on "The Amazing Spider-Man's" release pattern, head over to THR.com.

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