Spider Photos By Nicky Bay Showcase the Bugs' Terrifying Beauty

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Even if spiders terrify you, these photos of the colorful creatures are beyond beautiful.

Macro photographer Nicky Bay has shot thousands of creepy-crawlies, including these incredible arachnids. The creature below is called a mirror spider, for obvious reasons -- others have similarly descriptive names, including the bird dung spider, the twig spider, the ladybird mimic and the ogre-faced spider.


Bay shoots most of his photos in Singapore, what he calls an "urban jungle ... [with] an abundance of macro photography opportunities."

"Keep a keen lookout for little critters, for they could be just beside you, even in your home," Bay writes on his blog.

Take a look at a few more of his images below, and head on over to his website for more incredible macro shots.

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These Spiders Are Beautiful And Terrifying

These Spiders Are Beautiful And Terrifying

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