Weatherman Freaks Out Over 'Gigantic' Spider Live On Air

"I screamed like a little girl."

A meteorologist got the fright of his life when what looked like a gigantic spider appeared on his weather map during a live report.

Bryan Hughes let out a high-pitched scream as the arachnid crawled across a camera lens just before he was going to forecast the weather for West Virginia on WOWK 13 News on Thursday.

"Argh! Jeez Louise!" he cried out in terror -- even though the spider was clearly only normal sized, though it appeared much bigger on the screen because of its projection.

Hughes walked away in a bid to compose himself. "Why did that just happen? I nearly lost my lunch," he added. "Oh man, saints alive, we've gotta get out there and kill those things."

Video of his hilarious broadcast was posted online and Hughes soon became a viral sensation.

As the footage spread across the world, Hughes tweeted he "couldn't help" screaming out. "Honestly! I screamed like a little girl," he wrote. "Now, where's the matches and gasoline?"

But things could have been much worse. 

At least the arachnid didn't touch him -- unlike fellow weatherman Aaron Perlman, who was reporting the morning forecast on KBFX in Bakersfield, California, in 2014 when a live spider fell down onto him from the ceiling.

Double urggh!