Spiderwebs In Trees: Pakistan Floods Cause Incredible Phenomenon (PHOTOS)

Why Are These Trees Completely Wrapped In Spiderwebs?

What's going on in these pictures is incredible.

It seems that the waters from last year's floods in Pakistan forced millions of spiders into these trees, creating these impressive images, according to the UK Department For International Development (DFID). Apparently the water took so long to recede that the spiders eventually turned the trees into cocoons.

While the DFID has been doing its part to help the flood survivors recover, including providing clean drinking water, medical support, and food, the spiders seem to be doing their part as well.

They may be reducing the spread of malaria. According to Wired and the DFID, the spiders' massive webs are likely capturing malaria-spreading mosquitos, thus preventing the disease from spreading.

While the webs may have created an erie landscape, the areas in which they appear seem to have significantly fewer dangerous mosquitos than expected.

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