Spike Lee Retweets Wrong Address For George Zimmerman, Residents Forced To Flee Home

Spike Lee Retweets Wrong Address For Trayvon Martin Shooter

An elderly couple in Sanford, Florida, is now living in fear after multiple people, including director Spike Lee, incorrectly tweeted their address as that of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, who is in hiding.

70-year-old Elaine McClain has a son named William George Zimmerman, who lived with her in 1995 and has no relation to the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed the unarmed Miami teen February 26, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Elaine and her husband David McClain told Orlando's Local 6 that they received a letter addressed to George Zimmerman on Monday that read "taste the rainbow" in reference to the Skittles Martin was reportedly holding when he was shot.

The Sentinel reported that the McClains have since relocated to a hotel to avoid any more backlash.

The Smoking Gun traced the original tweet to Marcus Davonne Higgins, a 33-year-old Los Angeles Twitter user who tweeted the incorrect address for "George W. Zimmerman" Friday with the message, "Everybody repost this."

Director Spike Lee, who has been outspoken about the Martin shooting, retweeted the address to his 240,000 followers. The tweet has since been removed, and Lee was unavailable for comment to the Hollywood Reporter.

Orange County court records for a widely referenced 2005 battery charge against George Zimmerman show his middle name is Michael.

But late Tuesday night, Higgins still held that the address he sent out into Twitter was correct:

William Zimmerman contacted Higgins to ask him to stop using his mother's address and got the response, "Black power all day. No justice, no peace" as well as an obscenity, according to the Sentinel report.

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