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Spike Lee's 'Red Hook Summer' Trailer Released (VIDEO)

After finally nailing a distributor for his upcoming film "Red Hook Summer," Spike Lee has released the trailer for the much-anticipated film which focuses on a young man's move to the Red Hook projects to be with his preacher grandfather.

Earlier this year, Lee surprised Hollywood by opting to forgo a studio distribution by taking his chances at the Sundance Film Festival. As The New York Times noted, notable filmmakers are known to premiere at festivals such as Sundance to showcase more artsy works, but it's rare for a director as established as Lee to do the same.

After a few months in limbo, "Red Hook Summer" finally received a distributor with Variance Films for its theatrical release beginning August 10th in New York. Upon the news, Lee said in a statement, "From my very first joint back in 1986, She’s Gotta Have It, I have been an independent filmmaker, and even today I still am. I’m elated to join forces with Variance Films for the independent distribution of my new joint Red Hook Summer."

As the director of such legendary films as "Do The Right Thing" and "She's Gotta Have It," Lee has openly discussed his pride surrounding his status as an independent filmmaker. At Sundance, he said:

"We never went to the studios with this film, I told you!" he shouted. "We said, 'Were gonna do this motherfucking film ourselves and show it at Sundance.... This whole thing was planned out." Of the studios, he added, "They know nothing about black people. And they gonna give me notes about what a young black boy and girl gonna do in Red Hook? Fuck no! We had to do it ourselves!"

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