Spike TV Is Off The Air, So Its Twitter Went Off The Rails

"My favorite number is 329 because it’s the number of times COPS is on every night."

After 15 years, Spike TV has rebranded as Paramount Network, but the former cable channel’s Twitter page did not go gently into that good night.

Spike TV launched in 2003, promoting itself as “the network for men” and became known for airing action movies and shows like “Bar Rescue” and “Lip Sync Battle.” The change to Paramount Network, envisioned as a prestige network on par with AMC, HBO or Netflix, took place on Thursday.

However, strange things started on Tuesday when the Spike TV Twitter account posted this tweet.

Things did get real, as the account promised. Real snarky.

The social media person at Spike directed some of the animus inward.

The sarcasm turned towards the network’s original programming. 

There were times when the poster was guilty of TMI.


But all good things must come to an end, even snarky Twitter threads.

Lest you think the entire thread was the spontaneous work of a disgruntled former employee, AdWeek confirms it was intentional and a way to promote the rebranding.