Dozens of Spiked Bats Found In San Francisco, Baffling Police

Is it artwork or "someone trying to be sick"?

Police in San Francisco are trying to find out who has been leaving dozens of spiked baseball bats chained to poles throughout the city.

As of Friday, police said they had collected 27 of the creepy wood and metal bats. The homemade weapons have large bolts and other spikes jutting out of their sides.

San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said officers first started receiving calls about the objects on Thanksgiving morning. The bats were found attached to poles and parking meters. 

Andraychak said the makeshift bludgeons are considered prohibited or deadly weapons, possession of which is a felony.

Gerrie Burke, who snapped a photo of one of the bats after stumbling across it, said he was a little rattled by the sight.

“I thought it was someone trying to be sick, then I thought it’s an art project,” he told NBC Bay Area. “And then I thought maybe they are trying to freak people out.”

Investigators are asking anyone with more information to contact police.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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