Spiked Snow Cones at the Ritz-Carlton (PHOTOS)

A classic childhood treat -- with an adult twist -- comes to the Ritz-Carlton this summer in D.C.'s West End: spiked snow cones.

These iced desserts aren't just for kids anymore. The Ritz's Lobby Bar now offers three red, white and blue boozy flavors just in time for July 4, with additional varieties (prickly pear? pomegranate?) coming later this summer.

At $14 a pop ($38 for the trio), these vodka-infused snow cones are definitely a step up from your typical ice cream truck variety, with flavors like tart lemonade thyme, sweet strawberry basil and candy-like blueberry mojito. A simple dessert becomes an elaborate presentation as a vodka-fruit-herbs syrup is poured over a chunk of ice.

For $8, non-alcoholic cotton candy continues the summer-of-your-youth theme.

Expect snow cones to stay on the Ritz's menu throughout summer as the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. Which childhood treat should get the boozy treatment next? S'mores gone wild?

Ritz-Carlton Spiked Snow Cones