Spill O'Reilly! Sesame Street Talking Head Meets Fox News Host (VIDEO)


Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has been parodied on shows like Saturday Night Live and the Colbert Report. Now add Sesame Street to the list.

Earlier this month, O'Reilly aired a clip from a two-year-old episode of the popular PBS children's show featuring a character switching allegiances from the "Grouch News Network" to "Pox News," declaring, "Now there's a trashy news show!"

O'Reilly signed off, "We may have to ambush Oscar."

On Tuesday, O'Reilly was joined on his program by a new character, Spill O'Reilly, who has been added to the ranks of Sesame Street's Walter Cranky, Dan Rather-Not, Meredith Beware-a and Diane Spoiler.


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