Spill Wine On Your Tablecloth: Go Ahead, You're Supposed To

You're actually supposed to.

Spilling food or wine on a pristine white tablecloth is almost inevitable during a dinner party. The night starts off beautifully with a pristine white table that's perfectly set, and ends with a tablecloth that more closely resembles a rorschach test.

The white tablecloth has always been the sacrifice for great dinner parties (and it's worth it), but what if we told you this didn't have to be the case? One option would be to completely forgo the tablecloth. But, if going plain table isn't your style, the tablecloth you're suppose to spill on is what you need.


Norwegian designer Kristine Bjaadal has come up with a prototype for a tablecloth that looks better when covered in spills. Her tablecloth starts off as plain white, but reveals a beautiful pattern of butterflies when spilled upon. We're not sure why no one has come up with this genius idea sooner, but we will definitely be one of the first to buy it when it comes on the market.

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