Spilling the Tea on Celebrity Interior Designers

Cable networks, HGTV and BRAVO have changed the face of home design by introducing viewers to a host of interior designers. Viewers are enamored with home designed based television programming turning the designers featured on these shows into celebrities with growing fan bases. And the fans of these television shows are hungry for more celebrity interior designer news. Barbara Viteri, the founder of Viteri Style Management, is capitalizing on this need by supplying all the designer “tea” on her newest project, Designerlebrity.

Barbara Viteri, Founder of Designerlebrity
Barbara Viteri, Founder of Designerlebrity

Barbara Viteri is a veteran in the design industry, as well as the former host and executive producer of the design industry’s first online streaming talk show, Designerlebrity Talk. Designerlebrity Talk aired on the Design Network and provided viewers with up-close and candid conversations with celebrity interior designers. Building on Designerlebrity Talk’s success Barbara launched Designerlebrity as an online platform in 2016. Designerlebrity is the first online website exclusively dedicated to spotlighting celebrity interior designer news.

Barbara is on a mission to turn Designerlebrity into the #1 bulletin-media brand focused on celebrity designer news, videos and photos for design devotees everywhere. She’s bringing her professional experience, unfiltered and authentic voice to the online platform to give fans of design television the exclusive scoop on all things related to celebrity interior designers. Additionally, Designerlebrity is partnering with major brands and companies like Ethan Allen to bring viewers, and consumers lively design focused events.

HGTV and Bravo have helped create this new wave of celebrity designers. Barbara Viteri is serving their fans off-camera, behind the scenes news and “tea” on celebrity designers online at Designerlbrity.

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