What's For Dinner: A Perfect Indian-Style Chickpea And Spinach Dish

Yes, yes, yes.

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Indian food is notorious for being labor intensive. Clearly, the hard work is worth it because it’s some of the best cuisine out there. But preparing a dish at home is not a feat we dare tackle any old night of the week. That’s why when we find a good recipe that will give us some of those flavors we love in just a fraction of the time, we know it’s a good day.

Well, today is a good day, and it’s going to be an even better dinner.

We found a great Indian-style spinach and chickpea recipe from Bon Appetit. It makes for a quick, healthy dinner, and it might even trick you into feeling like you’re dining at your favorite Indian restaurant.

Check out the video above to see how it’s done ― and then head over to BA for more information.

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