Spineless Classics: Transform Your Favorite Book Into One Page Artwork (PHOTOS)

Imagine transforming an entire novel into one page.

No longer hidden in your book shelf, now you can display and even read the entire story straight from your wall.

Dubbed Spineless Classics, the company creates graphic art out of the text from your favorite novel, reports Wired.

Beautiful and legible, some of the books on offer include 'Pride And Prejudice' to 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' and 'Peter Pan'.

The brainchild of Carl Pappenheim, the idea came to him by accident one year when he was too broke to splash out on expensive Christmas gifts. Despite his financial constraints, he wanted to give his mother a present with meaning. By collaborating with an architectural drawing company, he printed her favorite novel on a poster, he explains in an interview with ejunkie.

There's over 60 different novels to choose from in a variety of genres and if they don't already have your favorite book designed, the company accepts commissions.

Check out the selection of images below from Spineless Classics.