Spinning, Middle Finger-Waving Dodgers Fan Is The Perfect Thing

He's the rare symbol for the real Los Angeles.

Anyone who is actually from Los Angeles, like real Los Angeles, knows that the Angels and everything associated with them are the worst.

Seriously, how can you call yourself the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Those are two different cities. And don't give me that "Los Angeles metropolitan area" bulls**t. If you type "Anaheim" into Google, it says "Anaheim is a city outside Los Angeles." If you plug "Angel Stadium of Anaheim" and "Los Angeles, CA" into Google Maps, it says they're nearly an hour away from one another. Like they're two different places. End of debate.

That all goes to say that spinning, middle finger-waving Dodgers fan (viewable above) is the perfect symbol for so many things. He personifies defiance and he personifies Los Angeles -- real Los Angeles. He personifies fearlessness and he personifies pride. He personifies delicious carne asada paired with a chilled Corona Extra, the official meal of LA. He would personify Yasiel Puig but Puig is a human too, so that doesn't really work. Anyway, you get the idea. Cheers to you spinning, middle finger-waving Dodgers fan.

The Angels beats the Dodgers, 3-2, on Wednesday at what will now be known as the middle-finger game.


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