Spinning The Spinning Versus Lying Like A Basta*d

Spinning The Spinning Versus Lying Like A Basta*d
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Some posts pop right out. Some brew for a long time. This one has been brewing and now pops. A double whammy.

Here's my issue. I get spinning your story if you're running for office, I get it, really. But with information available at everyone's fingertips, and google a click away, can we just stop LYING?

I mean the absolute fabrication of points and facts. It's stupid.

And can we as a community please, please, please, whack and keep whack those who lie until they get that they just can't lie.

Sometimes it's one of our own. Bill "I was always against the war" Clinton but today, it's one of our favorite targets. Mitt Romney. (this is the popping part.) Dave at BlueMassGroup wrote about Mitt Romney's claim that his father marched with Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.



That Romney repeated and repeated and repeated.

This is not okay.

It's not okay to try and spin the lie away.

If you can get away with PURE LIES, then what incentive is there for someone to run who wants to discuss the truth?

Mitt Romney is A LIAR.

Does that matter anymore?

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