How To Make A Spiral-Cut Hot Dog, The Best Way To Upgrade Your Wiener

Hot dogs get a raw deal. They've never really earned a place of honor atop the grill, playing second fiddle to the gorgeous steaks and juicy burgers that rule our summers. They sit there, slowly wrinkling on their grates, just waiting for someone to pick them up. Hot dogs are like the saddest puppy at the pound, just hoping someone will choose them.

But that's about to change. If you've never spiral-cut your hot dog before, you're about to discover a whole new level of deliciousness that you didn't know was possible.

You might be wondering how cutting your hot dog can change its flavor, but let us explain. By cutting your hot dog in one nonstop motion around its circumference, you essentially turn it into a Slinky-like toy that expands and contracts. This coil creates more surface area for the hot dog to make contact with the sizzling grill, meaning more caramelization. And more caramelization means more flavor.

(Also, who doesn't love playing with a hot dog slinky?)

Watch the video to see how it's done, and get grilling.

Story and demo by Kristen Aiken
Video shot and edited by Eva Hill

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