Motivational Speaker Gabby Bernstein Has A Prayer For Donald Trump

"God bless this unwell being," the "Spirit Junkie" said.

In a Facebook Live interview with The Huffington Post last week, New York Times best selling author and motivational speaker, Gabby Bernstein, shared a prayer for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Bernstein explained to host Jay Shetty that Trump is “the embodiment of separation and the embodiment of attack and judgment.” It’s the opposite of of being on a spiritual path, she said, adding “God bless this unwell being.”

“My prayer for you, Donald Trump, would be for you to have an opportunity to experience the delight and the joy of what oneness truly is,” Bernstein said. “And if you can have that in your life, if you could feel that feeling in your life, then my prayer would be that your division and your separation, your attack, would dissolve with that boundary.”

Bernstein, whose new book, The Universe Has Your Back, teaches about transforming fear into faith, explained that how she’s choosing not to be angry about Trump’s campaign because she doesn’t believe anger should be fought with more anger.

“I think we have to show up and pray,” she said as a way to offer a better way to react to Trump.

The author also offered advice for Hillary Clinton: “I want to see her get real. Get authentic. Get honest because what we long for most right now, in these times, is that sense of connection and that sense of authenticity.”

Hear more from Bernstein in the video above and check out the full interview below.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularlyincitespolitical violence and is a

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