What Program Is on Your Inner TV?

Is your inner TV on? If so, what program is on? Who has the remote -- your wounded self or your loving adult? You might want to start to notice this. The rewards of switching off your inner TV are really great!
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What's playing on your inner TV? Your inner TV is the screen in your mind upon which you create various scenarios. Perhaps the channel is "Reliving the Past." Maybe it's "Controlling the Future." Is your channel on "Obsessive Thinking," where you are ruminating over and over about a situation or about how you want to handle something?

Our mind tends to go on and on making up stuff, as if what it is thinking is always the truth. However, the mind has been deeply programmed since childhood to think and believe in ways that often have nothing to do with truth.

Truth is that which comes from the source of truth, which is Spirit/God/The Universe. We are able to access truth when we are present in this very moment with a deep desire to learn about truth and love. When we are present to this moment -- to our inner experience and our surroundings -- we are present with spirit, so spirit is able to communicate with us. When our deepest desire is to be present with the truth, love and reality of this moment, we stop our obsessive or programmed thinking, which is always a way to control. When we are present in this moment, we have surrendered to spirit. We have let go of control, and are in faith and trust that we are being guided and supported in our highest good. We don't need to put our limited mind in charge because we know that we will receive whatever messages we need from our higher self. Our inner TV is OFF!

So, is your inner TV on or off? How often is your inner TV on the "Control" channel?

For example, let's say that you know that you need to speak with your boss about a problem you are having with another employee. You probably spend some time thinking about what you're going to say. If you're on the control channel, then your wounded self has possession of the remote control of your inner TV. On this channel, you are thinking about how to make your point, how to be heard and understood, how to win, how to be right, how to convince and so on. You might be preparing your defense should your boss disagree. Perhaps you rehearse this over and over, rerunning the video you have recorded. You want to make sure you get it right.

If your loving adult self is in charge of the remote control, then your inner TV is off. Your mind is not coming up with a pre-recorded video. Instead, you are opening to learning about what is in your highest good in this particular situation, and asking spirit for guidance. Is it best to just present the situation to your boss and ask for help or feedback? Is it best to state the situation and what you plan on doing to take care of yourself? Is it best to try to work it out with the other employee and not go to your boss at all? When your loving adult self is in charge -- rather than your ego-wounded self -- you are relying on spirit rather than on your own mind to determine the action that is in your highest good.

If you do speak with your boss or with the other employee, who is in charge? Does your wounded self take over out of fear, or are you loving yourself enough to show up as a loving adult with an intention to learn?

Some of us find ourselves connecting with our higher self just fine when we are meditating, dialoguing, creating, or working with others in a supportive capacity. It's very easy for me to stay connected with my spiritual guidance when I'm working with clients or conducting an intensive. I couldn't work any other way because my mind doesn't know the answers regarding how to help others, but spirit does. Spirit comes through the moment my intent is to be helpful. The challenge comes in when it's just about taking care of myself with myself and within my personal relationships. That's when my wounded self wants to grab the remote control. She thinks she can figure things out to control the outcome with people and events. She thinks she's so smart, and she wants to create scenarios in order to control. I find I need to be vigilant in terms of who is in charge of the remote control. The minute my wounded self grabs it and clicks on the control channel, my joy is gone. The moment I surrender and allow spirit to guide me, my inner TV is off and my joy is back. To me, that's a great motivator, since I love feeling joyful!

So, is your inner TV on? If so, what program is on? Who has the remote -- your wounded self or your loving adult? You might want to start to notice this. The rewards of switching off your inner TV are really great!

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