How to Live Your Best Life With a Spiritual Life Coach

Much as our families and friends care for us and our futures, they want us to stay safe. But sometimes, change means risk. Having a spiritual life coach to chart the changes can help ease tensions in our family and friend circles.
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Where's Your Buried Treasure?

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to find a map that showed where pirates had hidden buried treasure? You would read Treasure Island or you had seen a pirate movie, and you were ready to follow the code, to find the X, and to start digging. A lot of shoveled sand later, with no treasure chest to show for your effort, you gave up.

A spiritual life coach is that buried treasure map. But the treasure isn't hiding in a pirate cove that Blackbeard or Stede Bonnet visited hundreds of years ago. (Although a spiritual life coach would have been of immense benefit to those two gentlemen!) The treasure is hidden inside of you. A good spiritual life coach is someone who will help you find those gifts that are buried within yourself. If you're wondering how to reach your potential, you have to first decide to find the treasure within. Your spiritual life coach is the "X" that marks the spot.

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Do You Know Who You Are?

You've known yourself all your life, but all too often, people learn to fill their roles rather than fulfill their dreams. Spiritual life coaching begins with a conversation that allows you, the client, to talk about who you are and what you like. Your coach asks you questions that go deep to uncover who you really are. Even a question as simple as asking you what you thought about when you first woke up in the morning can start the process that leads you to rediscover your identity. In order to rediscover your passion, you'll need to figure out what the obstacles have been that have kept you from realizing it. That treasure map covers a lot of territory; maybe you didn't dig deep enough, or maybe you've been digging in the wrong place.

Your life coach may have you fill out a questionnaire that reveals what your goals are. Spiritual life coach mentoring can map out the path to finding out what you really want to do so that you can find the right place to dig.

Sometimes, we're the obstacles in our own paths. Whether bad habits are getting in the way of the new you or you're overwhelmed by the thought of redefining your life, you know that you're in a rut. A spiritual life coach can give you the metaphorical shovel you need to dig yourself out of that rut. Find the right coach, find the new path, and find the real you, the one who's been dormant inside you for far too long.

Invest in Your Dreams

A 2012 U.S. News and World Report Money article explored the reasons that hiring a spiritual life coach can make a difference in a person's ability to make a lifelong dream come true. If you're undergoing a life change and not sure of what direction you should go, a spiritual life coach can be a human GPS for you. Remember the treasure map? You can only decode the map if you know how deep the treasure is hidden. For people who are frustrated by an inability to achieve their goals, "they want some help to position themselves," explains Lois Frankel, who wrote Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office. This is particularly true during times of economic uncertainty, when job layoffs are threatened. "We're finding that as people get laid off, they're trying to find out why they were laid off and not someone else."

A spiritual life coach who provides one-on-one mentoring can connect you to your hidden potential. Did you allow yourself to be taken hostage by your 401K even though you let your dreams get hijacked along the way? Your spiritual life coach knows that dreams are part of your personal portfolio; they may not show up in your financial advisor's projections, but they're definitely part of your net worth. Finding a new career doesn't mean that you have to give up prosperity. Dueease says that when people are laid off, they decide that they don't want to re-enter the rat race, but they still want to make money. Sometimes they want to make more money than they did in their previous line of work. And that, says Dueease, is "the perfect time to hire a coach."

In the U.S. News article, one life coach realized that a burned-out yoga teacher needed to use technology to ease some of her workload. Because she was spending too much time in her car, driving to teach 15 yoga classes a week, the recommendation was to develop a website that would promote her services and workshops, and pay more than the classes did.

Turning Transition into Triumph

Your spiritual life coach can help you with finding the confidence that you need to dig deeper into your life and find those buried dreams and the treasure they can bring you. A job layoff may feel like a dead end, but it can actually be a door that opens wide for you to new opportunities. The security of a job is something we all rely on, but what if that job was causing you stress, affecting your physical health, and making you feel trapped? A life coach can guide you to discerning what you'd really like to do with your life. A layoff can be personally rewarding if you know what to do after you clean out your cubicle, and your spiritual coach can be the one who shows you the way.

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Times of transition can be very stressful. Sometimes, the people we love the most can create friction in our lives when they offer advice that, while well meant, doesn't address what we sense is at the root of the problem. A spiritual life coach isn't personally threatened by the changes you need to make. Much as our families and friends care for us and our futures, they want us to stay safe. But sometimes, change means risk. Having a spiritual life coach to chart the changes can help ease tensions in our family and friend circles.

Are you ready to follow that treasure map now that you've decoded it? Your treasure chest is waiting to be discovered.

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