What Is Spiritual Light?

Light conveys both an absence of darkness and a quality that will help us to see -- and understand -- more clearly. The light of wisdom will guide us through troubled times and challenges.
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When couples come to me to create and officiate their wedding ceremony, they often ask that their occasion be "non-spiritual" or "non-religious." They are happy with a "celebration of love" as a theme. I am too, because I find that love is part of the fabric of any religion or spiritual teaching I have explored.

"Love" is a much easier word to deal with than "God." Other words -- like "peace," "joy," "devotion," "compassion," "forgiveness" and even "blessing" -- are acceptable. Another word that I find fits easily is "light." There is more to Light than meets the eye. There is the Light that for the most part goes unseen, although it may be more felt or intuited. I shall come to that.

Light conveys both an absence of darkness and a quality that will help us to see -- and understand -- more clearly. The Light of wisdom will guide us through troubled times and challenges. How often do we seek a wise person's counsel when we are feeling stuck with an issue -- in a relationship or at work, for example?

Light also communicates levity or joy. The saying, "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly," comes to mind. A Light heart is wise, not held down by heavy emotion and thoughts of doom or despondency. The person who is Light in nature laughs easily and takes life as it comes. They do not dwell in life's downturns with a heavy heart. They bounce back with resilience. A blessing of Light in a marriage ceremony is usually very acceptable.

A blessing of Light at any time is a great gift to give, or receive. Why? Once or twice a month, I hold an "ani-hu" chant at my home to which friends come. "Ani hu" are sanskrit words for "empathy" or "compassion" and "God" or "divine love." Chanted inwardly, or out aloud, ani-hu evokes qualities of inner peace in the person, and serenity within a group. Chanting helps us to get above our concerns and issues to see things more objectively. The heaviness of problems gets lifted. Solutions become clearer.

Before we chant, we ask for blessings of Light to be sent to people or places in difficulty of some kind. Light is always sent "for the highest good". There are no demands attached to it. Our limited minds cannot know the best outcome for every condition. A wiser presence does.

So what is spiritual Light? Can it be quantified or qualified? If it is so good, how do you use it? When and where? How does the Light make a difference in our lives? How do you experience the Light? Look at the Light as being -- Letting Inspiration Guide Higher Thought. Take a moment now to take a deep breath, relax and connect more deeply, both inwardly and outwardly, with your loving nature. If there is anything bothering you, see if you can let it go on the next out breath. With the next in breath, see if you can sense breathing in Light and restoring a sense of peacefulness. Do this a few times. Smile as you do so. The Light is a natural resource, free of charge.

Recently, I talked with a dear friend who spoke about her near death experience at the age of 18. Critically ill in hospital, the doctors considered she might die. From her description of events, she lost consciousness for a while and saw many beautiful lights. She was aware she could be dying. Then at 18, she decided she was too young to die. She wanted to live. Now 84, she continues to lead a full life. People who have had near death experiences speak of seeing the Light. Do you have to be near death to see the Light, or is it with us all the time?

The presence of the Light brings a softness and sweetness with it in my experience. Do I see the spiritual Light? No. I simply sense it. I see it in the eyes of passing strangers -- not through in depth staring, but more like catching a glance of something deeper and greater in the person. I see it in the eyes of bride and groom as they express their vows for lifelong love, as their hearts unite.

Surrendering my concerns to the Light restores a sense of trust and well-being that things are working out just fine. I am not alone. I am connected to the best in all of life. I always am, but am not always aware of it.

An excerpt from "Random Soul: 60 Ways to Discover the Spirit in You, and in the Everyday World Around You":

Light... for the highest good I call myself forward into the Light as a remembrance. As a member of the divinity of which I am a part. Because I do forget sometimes.

I send the Light to others for their highest good, in thought, in letter, on the phone, over emails. "Light" is the purest form of prayer that I know. It comes with no conditions and only love.

Wherever I am, I envisage a column of Light from the highest heavens passing deep into the centre of the earth -- in the supermarket line, at a street corner, in a cinema, the arrivals halls of airports while waiting.

More Light columns to bless each space for the highest good -- and my own consciousness, in the remembrance of the Light that I am. Each of us, you too, can remember the Light that we are, that we all are.

The Light is the great connector, that finds harmony and union where there was discord and divisiveness. The Light brings healing and peace, where there was disease and discouragement. The Light sees plenty where I might see lack. When you pray, see Light -- because the Light sees you.

In this video, Charananand speaks of finding joy, and I see in it an expression of his Light:

What does Spiritual Light mean for you? How do you recognize the spiritual Light in your life? Have you ever had an experience of being comforted or healed by the Light? I would love to hear from you.


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