Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors
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Does it sometimes seem like the earth is wobbling off its axis? Check out the recent headlines: Saddam wants to help stop the insurgency, Porno directors go legit, Female fistfight forces plane to land. The world can't really be this bad? It seems impossible for us to change the big things like peace in Iraq, AIDS in Africa, but maybe we can do things inside ourselves to make our world a better place. I recently saw a true independent film called Spiritual Warriors, starring Jsu Garcia and produced by John-Roger. It inspired me to look inside rather than out to the world to make changes. I learned that each one of us is free to choose how to react to difficult situations and where to apply our energies. In this movie, a personal labor of love, the hero, after an enlightened experience about love, goes to his drug dealer to express his love and repay his debt. The dealer shoots him and after a near death experience the character is brought to real enlightenment. The message I received is that sometimes events and negative experiences we consider to be tragic are really blessings in disguise. I came out of the theater inspired to look for the blessings in my life.

There will be a screening of the film on July 2nd, 2006 at 9:00 am at Universal Studios Cinema, Universal City Walk AMC.

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