Spirituality Belongs In Business
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Spirituality is likely not something that is chatted about in the boardrooms around the world. In my opinion, the corporate world has fallen into a myopic trap that has left out all the extraordinary assistance that spirituality can bring to the vitality, prosperity and longevity of businesses. I believe spirituality has been unfairly dismissed because it is incorrectly associated as a synonym for religion. Spirituality is a universal concept, that is the domain of no one, as it has no divisions, claims or separations. Spirituality is a natural part of who we are and therefore belongs not only in business, but in our communities and countries. I'd like to share how I think the essence of spirituality can be translated into business impact and what transformation can occur as a result.

I should first define what spirituality means to me, as it obviously is a word that is used in many contexts.

To me, spirituality is the knowingness that we are all connected to each other and to something much larger than ourselves -- and that we are in awe and wonder of its vastness of being, its potentiality, its simplicity, its peacefulness, its synchronicity, its stillness, its aliveness, its presence, its beauty and its grace.

In much of the corporate world, we have been conditioned too long to operate mainly under a competitive flag that has been driven by intense focus on short term profits. If businesses felt the same connectedness to each other, and were all inspired by a vision much greater than just their earnings -- wow, what multiplier could we develop that would deepen long term sustainable prosperity. What an amazing company that could be described by its potentiality for impact, its simplicity in its effective execution, its sense of well being among its employees, its aliveness of energy in engaging customers, its presence in the community, its beauty from its creativeness, and its grace and dignity by which it conducts itself.

Spirituality is the awareness that we are everything and nothing at the same time. It is recognizing that we are all the same and that we are also unique and special.

Businesses that can adopt paradoxical ideas, can be that much more agile and responsive to change. If a company can see itself as special and unique and also as just another business having the same challenges and opportunities as others -- then it has a major advantage in harnessing its strengths, while never losing an appreciation for them, nor losing appreciation that others are out there doing amazing things as well.

Spirituality is the understanding that we are meant to be great creators. Creators of life, of art, of music, of ideas, of experience, of relationships, and most importantly creators of ourselves.

Meditation is the best business skill I ever learned. When we are in spirit, we are inspired. We become better creators in our businesses. We can be better creators of expression, of innovation, and of collaboration -- all which can enhance our results. The organizations that truly believe their people are their greatest asset, will know that their people's imagination is of extraordinary value. Our level of spirituality can significantly expand our capacity for tapping into the universal mind and its treasure trove of creation.

Spirituality expands our edges beyond the duality of what life presents us and into the joy of accepting that all things are possible. It is acknowledging that the unseen is just as much a force in our lives, as those tangible outcomes which our minds and eyes are accustomed.

I have seen limitations that the business world imposes by its linear rules and definitions. It must be seen, it must be measured, it must be reportable and it must be controlled. The world is not linear - it is quantum. We live in an amazing world that is a ecosystem of connection and possibility. Spirituality enhances our intuition, which is our communication with the unseen. Our intuition is one of the most extraordinary gifts we have as human beings. It gifts us the ability to discern complexities beyond the restrictions of our reasoning mind. If ever there was a place for intuition, business and value creation is it.

Spirituality is the soul food of knowing that we have purpose. It is the joy of accepting that we are not alone, but that we are loved and supported beyond measure. It is the trust that life is meant to experience the abundance of spirit we were meant to be.

The industrial revolution did a bit of a disservice to business by turning human beings into "workers." Happiness in the corporate world is often conditional only on positive financial outcomes. It is somewhat barren of the emotional field of joy, happiness, meaning that fills us up inside, regardless of outcome. The world is changing is so many ways. Businesses that recognize the power of spirit in their companies, will not only survive, but thrive. It is the human spirit which has conquered mountains, overcome overwhelming odds, and dreamed up the impossible. Why wouldn't we want organizations where people feel loved, accepted, and supported at a soul and heart level, not just their minds and pocketbooks? Why wouldn't we want people to reach their highest potential and discover the best version of themselves? Why wouldn't we want the effectiveness that comes from knowing your self-worth, and inspiring self-mastery of mindfulness that reducing stress levels and improves productivity. Why wouldn't we want organizations where people were grounded in capacity that gives them more authentic expression, more kindness to each other, and more compassion for diversity. Businesses that can align on a common vision, but seek diversity in thinking/approaches will be those who broaden their solution set.

Let's shine the light on the things that are important to making the world a brighter place for people and for inspiring businesses to be remarkable. For me spirituality not only belongs in business... it makes it spectacularly better!