McDonald's Employee Sent To Jail For Spitting In Cop's Sandwich

McDonald's Employee Spits In Cop's McWrap, Gets Sent To Jail

Last month Dalton Ursulean, of Niagara, Wis., pled no contest to placing harmful objects in food. His spit was considered a harmful object because he tested positive for the hepatitis C virus, according to the Iron Mountain Daily News. The officer whose food was contaminated did not contract the disease, the local paper noted.

A fellow employee at the Iron Mountain, Mich., McDonald's where Ursulean worked testified in December 2012 that he saw Ursulean spit into the food of an officer from the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center, a nearby veteran's hospital, reports Upper Michigan Source.

Ursulean's previous criminal record contained three felonies and six misdemeanors, including assault, obstructing police and delivering Vicodin, CBS Detroit notes.

WATCH: Upper Michigan Source has footage of Ursulean's fellow employee testifying against him.

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