'Splash' Finale: Did Rory Bushfield, Drake Bell Or Nicole Eggert Take Home The Diving Crown? (VIDEO)

It was a season of tough injuries on ABC's "Splash," and the brutal nature of the sport continued right into the finale. it came down to Drake Bell, Rory Bushfield and Nicole Eggert for the title, but Drake came up short in the first round. The finalists had to get past the judges' votes in Round 1 to face the audience vote in the final round.

Both Nicole and Rory nailed their landings much sharper than Drake did, but at least he was gracious in defeat this time.

When it came time for their final dives, though, Nicole had a terrifying mishap. Trying for a double backflip from the 7-meter platform, she landed flat on her back. Thankfully, this was an audience-voted round or the competition would have been over there.

But Rory Bushfield, who'd been nursing a ruptured eardrum through most of the competition, gave a very impressive headfirst somersault dive that secured him the victory for both the judges and the audience. thinks Rory had the right athleticism to win, but he had more than that going for him. "His extreme sports background arguably made him a ringer, but between his physique, his genial attitude and his skill, he’d also become a fan favorite.” Entertainment Weekly were fans of Rory as well, saying, "He was both likable and good enough that a second season of this show wouldn’t be dreadful -- if the contestants were all athletes.”

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