This Mural Of Beautiful And Empowered Women Will Get You Through The Day

Encountering an unexpected mural or work of street art is one of those rare gifts that can elevate your mood, giving you the strength to finish off the day. And if, on a particularly trying day, you aren't in a location conducive to scouting out unseen murals -- well, that's what the internet is for.


Allow us to present "Splash," a stunning street art triptych collaboration by Fin DAC and Angelina Christina. The two artists teamed up to add a splash of color -- and female empowerment -- to the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The massive work riffs off 19th century aesthetics as much as contemporary street art, melding into a unique style Fin DAC calls "Urban Aesthetics." The tattooed women appear as strong as they are stunning, providing us with both aesthetic beauty and a dominant image of powerful women.


We can only imagine that passing by these orange-accented figures would add a little bounce to our steps. To be fair, even seeing them online is brightening our day. If you happen to be in Brazil, head to Rue Inacio Pereira da Rocha in the district of Vila Madalana, Sao Paulo to see the art in person. If not, peruse the making of the murals below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.