Texas High School Has 6 Sets Of Twins Playing Basketball

Splendora High coach Oscar Kendall admits the refs sometimes do double takes during games.

The basketball players for a Texas high school are bringing new meaning to the term “double dribble.”

That’s because six sets of twins play hoops for the boys and girls squads at Splendora High, north of Houston. That’s 12 players out of a total of 65 athletes at the school. 

Also, both of the school’s basketball coaches have twin children: Oscar Kendall, the girls’ coach, is father to twin sisters, while boys’ coach Jason Vela has a boy-girl set, according to “Inside Edition.”

Coaching twins can be a challenge, Kendall admits ― but mostly for the referees.

“There [have] been some scenarios when a player does [something] ... and the ref has to do a double take, he has to double-check the number,” Kendall told “Inside Edition.”

Identical twins and point guards Jannet and Jaquelin Reyes, 15, told Houston television station KTRK they are able to just give the other a look and know where to go on the court.



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