Splice Introduces Beat Maker featuring sounds by KSHMR, Lex Luger, Pegboard Nerds and KRNE

Splice is a cloud platform for musician creation, collaboration and sharing. If you are a music, producer, or dj and don't know about it yet, you will undoubtedly know about it soon.

Amongst the many things that Splice offers, it has an incredible library of samples and plug-ins. Last week I was browsing the collection, geeking on how amazing it is that Splice allows you to simply pull a few samples from a pack. The only problem is that it's important to be able to hear samples in context to each other when pulling assembling a kit for a project. Well, it's like they read my mind.

Today Splice launched Beat Maker.

Beat Maker lets you craft sequenced beats using popular drum samples from Splice Sounds, and allows you to create beats using sample templates from renowned artists like KSHMR, Lex Luger, Pegboard Nerds and KRNE.

Jump over and check it out right now, simply select & deselect squares on the grid to adjust the rhythm, swap samples to choose your instruments, and share your creation with the world. The Beat Maker is free to use, and you don't need a Splice account or any other tools to get started. Check out my #BeatMaker entry and be sure to enter yourself in the contest (details below).

Splice BeatMaker Contest

As part of the launch, Splice has teamed up with KRNE, KSHMR, Dot Da Genius, Lex Luger, and Pegboard Nerds, to ask users to share original beats for a chance to win nearly $1000 in prizes. These include 3 must-have FabFilter plugins as well as 1-year memberships to Splice Sounds!

Contest Details

1. Use the Splice Sounds Beat Maker to make your own custom beat.
2. To enter, share your beat on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #BeatMaker any time between 17th February 2016 - 9th March 2016.
3. Three winners will be selected on 16th March 2016 based on the originality and quality of their beats.


Three winners will receive: A 1-year subscription to Splice Sounds' 100-plan and a Saturn, Twin 2, or Volcano 2 plugin from FabFilter.

Buster Ross is Portland's dj john lewis.