Splurgy Gifts For The Person Who Loves The Finer Things In Life

These splurgy-worthy gifts will make anyone on your list feel like they're part of the Finer Things Club.

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For a fancy friend or special someone, these splurgy gifts are actually worth getting.
For a fancy friend or special someone, these splurgy gifts are actually worth getting.

In this year of canceled plans — whether that was a postponed wedding or a missed birthday brunch — you probably had to send out small gifts that can fit in a mailbox rather than see them opened IRL.

But now that the holidays are upon us, you might be hoping to get the friends and family members that helped you get through the year something even more special to celebrate the end of 2020, like access to the most exclusive club around: the Finer Things Club.

While we’ve been busy trying to find gifts for everyone on our lists, too, we thought that it would be good to have a guide to splurge-worthy gifts that would work for anyone you’re still shopping for.

Not only will these gifts make someone feel extra fancy schmancy, but they’ll be practical enough that they’ll think of you whenever they use it (which will be pretty often!). From a colorful Dutch oven that rivals one from Le Creuset to a jewel-toned silk pillowcase fit for royalty and cashmere scarf that’s as soft as snow, these splurgy presents are perfect for those who like the finer things in life.

Iff you’re still looking for shopping inspiration this holiday season, you can turn to our guides on gifts for older parents that they’ll actually use, people who really miss museums, from small shops you won’t find anywhere else and stocking stuffers under $20 you’ll be tempted to keep for yourself.

Take a look before at splurgy gifts for people who like the finer things in life:

An indoor garden that doesn’t need a green thumb
You don't need a green thumb for this indoor garden, which can actually water itself. Its base can hold a month's worth of water and the LED lamp acts as sunlight. They won't have to get down and dirty to get their own garden now. Find it for $100 at Nordstrom.
A sophisticated stone diffuser that doubles as decor
Made from matte ceramic, this diffuser comes with time settings so that it can diffuse essential oils into any room. It would be the perfect present for the candle lover in your life. Find it for $119 at Vitruvi.
A dinner roll lamp to light up their WFH routine
It's a roll that won't roll away from them. This lamp doesn't just look like a dinner roll — it's made from a real roll that's been preserved in resin and retrofitted to light up. They'll want to show it off on Zoom calls. Find it for $75 at Catbird.
A cashmere scarf that's as soft as snow
For freezing temperatures, this cashmere scarf is a must-have. And nope, it's not a cashmere blend, it's completely crafted from Grade-A cashmere (which is meant to be long-lasting). Find it for $98 at Everlane.
A silk sleeping mask for sweet dreams
As someone who owns three of these, I can honestly say that silk masks have helped me fall asleep right away. This mask is made from mulberry silk, which can keep skincare products on your face during the night (that's right, beauty lovers!). Find it for $50 at Nordstrom.
A candle that just might be better than fresh flowers
For the friend who's feeling burned out, burning a candle just might make them feel a little bit better. There's a lot of candles out there to choose from but this you can't go wrong with this Overose one that has notes of blackcurrant berries, rose petals and fresh lychee fruit. And they'll definitely want to keep the packaging around even after burning the wax out. Find it for $68 at Sephora.
A set of gold glassware that looks decadent
West Elm
Let a loved one drink in style with this set of gold-trimmed glasses, which look like they came from the '20s. Find the set of four for $50 at West Elm.
A duo of plants meant to be shown off in the living room
The Sill
If you know a plant parent, these plants would grow on them. The duo includes a Philodendron and Snake Plant. Each comes in a ceramic planter (you can choose the color). Find the two for $110 at The Sill.
A set of gold lucite dominoes for the players in your life
Yeah, they might be bored of "Monopoly" by now. But they could try their hand at dominoes. This gold lucite set is something that they'll want to show off — especially since these dominoes are described as "heirloom-worthy." Find it for $120 at Anthropologie.
A Smeg blender that looks like it came from the ’50s
This Smeg blender is supposed to look like you found it in a vintage shop but it's actually functional, too. With four speeds and three preset programs, they'll be mixing things up in the kitchen. It's so cute that they probably won't take it off the counter. Find it for $260 at Nordstrom.
A faux fur blanket for someone who’s always shivering
This luxe-looking blanket will give them the feel of faux fur that's soft to the touch. They can throw this throw over a couch or at the end of their bed. Find it for $128 at Anthropologie.
A popular portable speaker from one of the best brands in the biz
Urban Outfitters
We all know someone who really loves to play their music loudly. This Bluetooth-enabled speaker is for them. It can last for 20 hours on a full charge and is water-resistant for beach days. Oh, and did we mention it's from Marshall? Find it for $150 at Urban Outfitters.
A vibrator that you don't need your hands to use
It hasn't been an easy time to be single. But an adult toy just might be the thing to get someone you know, well, very well. This bestselling vibrator can work for solo time or partner play — it has flexible wings and three different speeds. Find it for $135 at Dame.
A jewel-toned silk pillowcase fit for royalty
Make them feel like the king or queen that they are with this silk pillowcase that comes in an emerald green. The mulberry silk is meant to be cooling (ideal for hot sleepers). Find it for $59 at Brooklinen.
A coffee maker that's not complicated to use first thing in the morning
Sur La Table
You definitely don't want to start your day trying to figure out how to use a new coffee maker. This Cuisinart coffee maker has features like a 24-hour brew start, self-clean function and adjustable auto-off. It even comes with a reusable filter cup to use your own coffee beans. Find it for $200 at Sur La Table.
A wine bottle chiller so that glasses stay cold
For the wine lover that you know (and love!), this chiller can keep a bottle cold for about four hours. Using it is easy, too, just pop the bottle of white wine and rosé right in there. Find it for $90 at Food52.
A pair of Apple AirPods Pro to cancel out any noise
Apple's AirPods Pro were a top-seller on Black Friday, even selling out at one point. They're back now just in time for the holidays. These headphones have a noise cancellation feature and are water-resistant. Find them for $200 at Amazon.
A cotton robe that’s meant to feel like a cloud
With a relaxed fit, this cotton robe is just the thing to throw on after a long day. It's made from Turkish cotton (there are two hidden pockets on the sides). Parachute might be known for its bedding but this little robe has over 600 reviews. Find it for $99 at Parachute.
A colorful Dutch oven that rivals one from Le Creuset
Great Jones
Le Creuset might be known for its Dutch ovens, but Great Jones' "The Dutchess" has become a cult-favorite over the years. This enameled cast-iron Dutch oven wins brownie points for being oven-safe at high temperatures, dishwasher-friendly and doubling as a roasting pan. Find it for $155 at Great Jones.
The ultimate set of pots and pans for dining in
This ceramic-coated cookware set from Caraway might be pricey but, with over 5,000 reviews, it just be worth it for the cook you know. The set includes a sauce pan, sauté pan, fry pan and Dutch oven, along with storage to put everything in its place. Find the set for $395 at Caraway.
A French press that’s marbleous for coffee lovers
If you know a coffee lover in your life that doesn't have their own French press, this one from Le Creuset will be much appreciated. It's designed to filter coffee grounds and keep coffee warm for longer. Find it for $80 at Bloomingdale's.
A device that’s a wireless charger and phone cleaner all in one
To keep their phone as clean as can be, this UV cleaner and wireless charger will come in handy. Just drop in a phone into this device and let it sanitize away. Find it for $80 at Nordstrom.
A cheese board that's anything but cheesy
Just add all that delicious charcuterie on top. Find it for $95 at Bloomingdale's.

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