This Sweet Cat Is So Big, His Owner Earthquake-Proofs The House

Do not be alarmed by the large fluffy cat.

Colleen Pizarev just wants everyone to know that no, she is not housing a wild cat.

With surprising frequency, concerned or simply curious passersby knock on her door after seeing Spock, her 27-pound, 46-inch Maine Coon Cat, sitting in the window. Many of them mistakenly believe Spock is a bobcat or a lynx, she told The Huffington Post.

NOT a lynx.

One woman even feared for the safety of her small dog, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, but Pizarev assured her the feline is no threat.

In fact, Spock couldn’t be any further from a dangerous wild animal. “[Maine Coons] are very gentle pussycats and great pets,” Pizarev told HuffPost.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

Spock even lets Pizarev’s other cat, Fluffball -- a Maine Coon and Abyssinian mix from cat rescue group Maine Coon Adoptions -- boss him around, even though Fluffball is a measly 10 pounds.

Just a regular day watching squirrels and alarming outside humans.
Just a regular day watching squirrels and alarming outside humans.

Spock only actually poses a threat to Pizarev’s possessions. “He jumps up on a table and sits down, and his great behind pushes everything off,” she said.

And while lots of cats will bat objects off of tables, Spock’s sheer strength allows him to do more damage than most. As a result, Pisarev has taken to holding down breakable objects with the same putty that museums use to keep valuables in place during an earthquake.

What cat doesn't enjoy the morning paper?
What cat doesn't enjoy the morning paper?

Pizarev added that when Spock isn’t scaring dog-walkers or wreaking havoc on her stuff, he enjoys watching videos of squirrels and birds online.

“He’s totally addicted to YouTube,” she said. “He likes to try to catch the birds and the squirrels -- he wraps his paw around the back of the screen.”

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