Jim Parsons Grapples With Love And Loss In 'Spoiler Alert' Trailer

"The Big Bang Theory" actor stars opposite Ben Aldridge in the heartbreaking gay romance, which hits theaters in December.
Jim Parsons (left) and Ben Aldridge in "Spoiler Alert."
Jim Parsons (left) and Ben Aldridge in "Spoiler Alert."
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“This is less of a rom-com and more of a love story,” Jim Parsons declares in the trailer for “Spoiler Alert,” the hotly anticipated film adaptation of Michael Ausiello’s beloved 2017 memoir.

Due out in December, “Spoiler Alert” stars Parsons as Ausiello, a New York journalist who is bracing for the death of his husband, Kit Cowan (Ben Aldridge), following a terminal cancer diagnosis. While viewers can anticipate a tearjerker, the movie offers plenty of humor and old-fashioned romance, too, most notably in scenes that recall the early days of Ausiello and Cowan’s 13-year relationship.

“Spoiler Alert” is directed by Michael Showalter, whose credits include “The Big Sick” and the “Wet Hot American Summer” franchise. In addition to Aldridge and Parsons, the cast also features Sally Field and Bill Irwin as Cowan’s parents.

Catch the trailer for “Spoiler Alert” below.

The movie is based on Ausiello’s bestseller, “Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies,” which covers the 11 months preceding Cowan’s death in 2015. David Marshall Grant and Dan Savage co-wrote the screenplay.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2017, Ausiello said an editor at the New York publishing company Simon & Schuster suggested he write a book after taking note of many of his Facebook statuses throughout Cowan’s illness.

The author and journalist, who is the founder and editorial director of the entertainment outlet TVLine, peppered his text with references to “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and other pop culture benchmarks to reflect both his real-life profession and the dynamic between him and Cowan.

“Humor played a big part in our relationship, humor played a big part in his illness, and it was just incredibly instrumental in getting us through, and in getting me through, that year,” Ausiello explained.

“I really want people to not take their relationships for granted. It’s cheesy to say, but hold their loved ones closer and cherish the relationships. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, familial relationship, a friendship, whatever it is: Just don’t take them for granted,” he added.

“Spoiler Alert” will debut in theaters in select cities Dec. 2, followed by a nationwide release on Dec. 9.

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