Spoken-Word Artist Captures Pain and Fear of Child Abuse

Co-authored by J.R. Jamison, co-founder of the Facing Project and executive director of Indiana Campus Compact

Taking a story someone has lived and translating it into a story you write -- as if you were them -- is not for the faint of heart, especially when that story is about child abuse, prostitution, and sex trafficking.

In this video, Yewande Austin, a spoken-word artist who has shared the stage with the Black Eyed Peas, delivers one of the most powerful works of art that you'll ever hear, see, and feel about child abuse and prostitution.

Yewande was the artistic director for Facing Sex Trafficking: Atlanta's Dirty Little Secret. She wrote and performed this first-person story of Kasey McClure who suffered years of sexual abuse from her father before she left home and fell into the trap of the sex industry.

After Kasey had her first child, Sarah, she left her haunted past behind and started 4Sarah Inc., a nonprofit organization that empowers change in the life direction of women and girls working in the sex industry.

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