Spokes-Puppet: Stand Together Against Trump

Once again, I have been following Donald J. Tramp on the campaign trail and as usual it has proved to be a treat unparalleled like any other. Unfortunately, this time proved to be a stark eye opener to the reality of a dire situation. Mr. Tramp got some terrible news. There was another dummy running for president, and Mr. Tramp was none too happy.

His opponent is an evil clown doll standing 6'2" and a real life character of a historical horror, who escaped from a reality show. Not only is he confused politically, but his hate against racial and religious minorities as well as women is vicious fact, not vicious fiction.


Mr. Tramp is furious that not only this man resembles him in both likeness and name, but also is going to the Republican National Convention to try to snag the nomination, and has even gone so far as to declare himself the presumptive nominee. This flesh and blood demagogue, the subject of nightmares of anyone dedicated to the political process, fearlessly has been splitting down the middle the political party he only recently adopted. This monster, the creation of white heterosexism and populism, spreads propaganda akin to what Long, McCarthy, and Wallace did to instill fear, racism, sexism, and xenophobia into the masses. And with shades of Nathan Bedford Forrest (sans military record), he would say this was a measure meant to scare those who needed to be put in its place in a country where the common white man doesn't want to be told how to live.

Sadly, this presumptive nominee lack's the subsequent regret that the Confederate General had as he has courted Jeff Sessions and feigned ignorance at the name David Duke.

Mr. Tramp knows that as a puppet, he just cracks jokes behind the mic at a comedy club. He gets laughs because it's harmless satire, part of a comedy routine. I created concept because I saw history unfolding. Yet as events began to unfold, I could no longer sit back and let the founding philosophy and the American political system implode. I had to do something.

That is when I became aware of a Cleveland group called Stand Together Against Trump (STAT). Composed of doctors and other young professionals, STAT consists of liberals, conservatives, moderates, and anyone else who has a sense of urgency to say no to a Trump presidency.

Mr. Tramp and I will be joining STAT July 18-21 in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention. We will be taking part in peaceful and positive protests against the modern day would be King John before he can dawn the crown of tyranny. As a team, we are going to be front and center for the surreal, frightening, entertaining, and history making masquerade known as Presidential Election 2016.

Mr. Tramp and I made a video inviting others to join us in Cleveland. STAT has been kind enough to place our video on their Facebook page.

Donald J. Tramp and I hope to see you there!