Listen To The Spoof Of Ben Carson's Hip-Hop Radio Ad

Dr. Carson's campaign manager spits some fire of his own.

STRAIGHT FIRE ... would be less painful on your ears.

Dr. Ben Carson's presidential campaign released a cringeworthy hip-hop song last week called "Freedom." The radio spot is slated to air over the next two weeks in Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, and in several other markets with large black populations. If you haven't heard the actual ad, listen to it here for free (although it might cost you your appreciation of rap music forever).

The blame for this audible torture shouldn't be assigned solely to Ben Carson, nor to its rapper, Aspiring Mogul. No, the real offender here is Carson's campaign manager; whoever was behind the scenes making this nightmare a reality.

Unfortunately for music lovers, Carson's campaign manager decided to drop a track of his own. This follow-up rap radio ad, titled "Panderdom," is much less subtle in attempting to appeal to young, black voters. Listen to the parody below.

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