Spookiest U.S. Cemeteries: Which Are Your Must-Visits?

What Are Your Must-Visit Spooky U.S. Cemeteries?

Over the weekend travel fans voted on the number one U.S. cemetery they would visit -- that one final resting spot with the right mix of creepy and historic. It wasn't a shock to see New Orleans' own Saint Louis #1 walk away with the title, but the travel community was highly spooked over the amount of amazing locations left off our list.

New York's Sleepy Hollow, Harmony Cemetery in Wisconsin, Maryland's Rose Hill and even Bonaventure in Savannah, Georgia were named as favorites from our community. Check out a few reader favorites in the slideshow below. Which of your must-visits did we leave off the list? Why would you vote it as your number one choice?

Winner: St. Louis Cemetery #1, Louisiana

Readers' Choice: Spookiest Cemeteries

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