Spooky Old Houses For Sale In Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

You remember the creepy old house of your childhood nightmares? The one with the creaky front gate and the cobwebs on the porch where neighborhood kids would dare one another to go and ring the bell on Halloween?

OK, truth is, we were always that kid who rang the bell. Spooky house owners always gave out the best candy -- and by the handful because they knew they'd get stuck with a lot left over when nobody else was brave enough to show up at their door.

We also think that some of those scaredy cat kids grew up to be scaredy cat home buyers, still afraid to ring the bell on an older home. Personally, homes from a previous century just kind of speak to us in a way that doesn't spook as much as charm us.

The 2013 Haunted Housing Report -- yes, there is a such a thing -- explored consumer sentiments around haunted homes and found that 62 percent of survey respondents were open to purchasing a home with spooky characteristics. So ignoring the other 38 percent, and in honor of brave doorbell-ringing children everywhere come this Halloween, we bring you Spooky -- or at least Old -- Houses, L.A. Edition -- with a special thanks to for conducting the survey and assembling a list of these 100-year-old gems currently on the market.

The Spookiest Houses In LA

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