Sports Anchor Stuffs 25 Star Wars References Into Football Recap

He's a bit of a fan.

Impressive, most impressive.

With the new Star Wars film crushing records and the Atlanta Falcons taking home a win, this sports anchor knew what he had to do.

Wes Blankenship, of WMAZ in Atlanta, combined his love of football and the Jedi masters for his game recap of the Atlanta Falcons’ 23-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars this week.

Blankeship was aiming for 23 Star Wars references -- one for every point the Falcons scored. In fact, a careful analysis SB Nation shows that he overshot his mark by a two-point conversion, racking up 25 movie nods.

Gems from Blankeship's commentary include "He intercepts it with just a hand solo" and "They need to Leia few more points on him."

Check out the video above and see how many you can catch!

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