Sports Bar Gets Gentleman's Club Treatment

You thought paying attention to your fantasy lineup was tough.

Only one team will make it to the Super Bowl ― for everyone else, there’s a light in the dark.

The guys who run Rick’s Cabaret in New York City finally decided to pay some attention to their niche customers by opening the city’s first sports bar-gone strip club.

Hoops, operated by RCI Hospitality Holdings, hopes to serve as the overflow for Rick’s Cabaret patrons wanting to get their touch ― and touchdowns ― at the same time. Dancers wear referee gear and jerseys. The main stage is set up like a basketball arena. There’s beer.

And you already thought it was difficult paying attention to your fantasy lineup.

“We have our traditional gentleman’s club, we have a more high-end nightclub, so we needed something a little bit different without taking away from any of them,” RCI Regional Manager Shaun Kevlin told Metro.

RCI is trying to hit new markets in an industry that is becoming more corporate and global. It was time for something new in the city that never sleeps ― the company claims Hoops is the first “topless sports bar” in the city. 

New York City has some of the biggest sports fans and teams in the country,” said Eric Langan, RCI’s CEO, wrote in a release. “Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar will be their dream come true.”

At the Hoops soft opening in early October, reps said several famous “New York team athletes” showed up, but wouldn’t dish on whom or how much money they spent. During regular business hours, it’ll be the dancers dressed up as New York teams.

The spot hopes its biggest draw will be its “man cave,” featuring a wall of TVs tuned to various sporting events, complete with a stripper pole. You’d better have the price of a game-day ticket on your hands, though ― it’ll run you $1,500 for an hour or two.