Biggest Sports Fails Of 2011: Tiger Woods, Chris Bosh, Nick Novak, Marion Barber & More (VIDEO)

Whether it is incredible size, lightning speed or uncanny hand-eye coordination, today's professional athletes tend to possess preternatural physical skills that the rest of us foam-finger waving, beer-helmet wearing fans can only marvel at from the stands, slack-jawed and heavy limbed.

Maybe these starks differences between us and so many of them explain why fans can take so much joy in watching a professional athlete flounder, bumble and fail.

Whether it is a missed dunk, an embarrassing flop or a missed attempt at an open net, the schadenfreude of an epic fail can sometimes rival the exhilaration of witnessing a game-winning shot or otherwise transcendent performance. Sound like too cynical a point of view? Go check the top trending sports videos at Youtube at any point and you'll likely find a break-even mix of the sublime and the slapstick. Because fail = funny.

From kickers using Gatorade tubs as a rest room to missed dunks all the way to postgame handshakes gone horribly wrong, here are the most heinous and hilarious sports fails from 2011.

Help us decide which was the WORST SPORTS FAIL OF 2011. We know these epic fails are just the tip of the ice berg -- or, the rather, the top deck of the Titanic. So let us know the other flops, flails and unbelievable screw ups that took place this year by clicking 'Add A Slide' and submitting a YouTube highlight.