Tattoos of Jim Boeheim, Charlie Villanueva Demonstrate The Absurd Lengths Of Sports Fandom

Fans' Tattoos Prove That Sports Fandom Really Is Forever

For Rich Miner, a 28-year old Syracuse native and longtime college basketball fan, just rooting for the Orange wasn't enough. He needed something louder, and more lasting, to showcase his fandom. Of course, he opted to have the face of longtime Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim tattooed on his leg.

That's the kind of body art that just screams 948 career wins. When alerted to the tattoo, Boeheim was his usual nonplussed self. "I would wear long pants for the rest of my life," he told ESPN.

Miner isn't the only sports fan getting way too permanent with his allegiances. NBA forward Charlie Villaneuva recently shared a photo on Instagram of a fan who had gotten his face inked on his forearm, complete with the phrase "Believe in Charlie.

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