9 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Sports Fans

Trick-or-treating counts as a sport.

Sports fans, you're on the clock. Halloween is just days away and you, in all likelihood, still need to draft a costume.

Aside from New Year's Eve, Halloween is generally the day people spend the most time outfit planning for. While the pressure's already on to think of a killer costume to impress with, sports fans face a unique problem: Do you mail it in, wear your favorite athlete's jersey like you do every week and call it a costume? Or are you better than that? 

With our help, you can be better than that. Since we want you to be the best sports fan possible, here's your choice of 9 relatively easy sports-inspired Halloween costumes that can be made with everyday items. The pick is in. 


"The Deflator" 
How to pull it off: Put on a hockey mask, find an overinflated football and stab away!

Cryin' Wilmer Flores
How to pull it off: Put on your favorite New York Mets gear, tape paper tears to your face and try not to cry in real life -- you don't want the fake tears to get soggy. 

Irresponsible Dad At A Baseball Game 
How to pull it off: Strap a baby doll to your chest, slip on your old baseball glove and pour up a beer. If a foul ball comes your way for whatever reason, disregard your baby and go for the souvenir! 

Old Man Kobe Bryant
How to pull it off: Buy a cheap costume beard (don't worry, even drug stores should still have those), put on your Kobe Bryant jersey and walk about acting old and sour

Mummified Derrick Rose
How to pull it off: Wrap all the toilet paper you have on yourself and proudly wear your Derrick Rose jersey. Leave eyeholes though -- you don't want to fall and get injured in real life like the costume's namesake

G.O.A.T. Serena Williams
How to pull it off: Tape "G.O.A.T." to a T-shirt, grab a tennis racket and hold the biggest silver plate (or tin foil-wrapped plate) you can find. Be the greatest.

Geno Smith's Jawbone
How to pull it off: Get punched in the face and quickly grab an icepack. Or, just go for the ice packs and put on a lonesome face. 

Tarnished But Still All-Powerful Roger Goodell 
How to pull it off: Sloppily put on a jacket and tie, tape letters reading "WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL MAN" to your shirt, hold a giant "NFL RULE BOOK" and affix an egg to your face. (This one's a bit more difficult, but so is Goodell, amirite?

As the night goes on, be sure to rip up your rule book and litter everywhere. Goodell wouldn't have it any other way. 

Michael Jordan Crying Face
How to pull it off: Download the mask from HuffPost Sports and thank us later. 


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