Sports Journalist Schools Dude Who Tried To Teach Her About Sports

Mic drop.

Mansplainers are no match for journalist Erin Riley.

On Tuesday, the writer from Sydney, Australia, reacted on Twitter to a piece from The Herald Sun about wages for women in the Australian Football League (AFL). Riley, whose work largely focuses on gender and sports, called out the pay gap between men and women who play in the AFL, and created a chart to break down the lack of equality within the league.

Soon, Riley received a flood of negative responses (mostly from men, she tweeted), all offering excuses for not giving women in the AFL fair pay.

Riley didn’t back down though, and her later tweets were A+.

But one particular tweet truly shined. When a man jumped into Riley’s mentions with some “knowledge” about the AFL ― and doubts about Riley’s own knowledge on the subject she had been discussing ― she shut it right down.

The man later told Riley in a tweet that he didn’t mean to “be patronizing” and that she sparked a “worthy debate.” 

And that’s how you handle ― and engage with ― a mansplainer.



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