Peter Krause And Aaron Sorkin Have Already Discussed A 'Sports Night' Reunion

Even Ron Howard mentioned the possibility of a reboot.

Could "Sports Night" grace our TV screens once more? According to actor Peter Krause, a few key players behind the show have already considered bringing it back to life.

Krause, who stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss his newest role in "The Catch," said he'd discussed the idea with Aaron Sorkin "not too long ago." Ron Howard, who worked alongside Krause for NBC's "Parenthood," also mentioned the potential for a reunion when "Parenthood" wrapped, Krause added.

While the possibility for a reunion isn't concrete yet, Krause said he would totally be up for it.

"I would love to do that. I really would...," he said. "That was a great show. I loved it. One of the best times I've had in the business."

"Sports Night" had a short two-season stint, but Krause insisted it was Sorkin's "best" work, even over "The West Wing." The show, which was based on ESPN's "SportsCenter," provided the perfect backdrop for all types of storylines, he said.

"I think that was the right world for him because you can do anything. The world of sports is metaphorical for life," he said. "And I think in terms of what he wants to do comedically, what he wants to do romantically and what he wanted to do emotionally, I think that world served his voice very well. I mean 'The West Wing' was great. I don't think it had as great a capacity for comedy as 'Sports Night' did."

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