Sportscaster Gets Real Awkward In Lecturing News Anchor

"I stay in my lane."

That got awkward fast. A San Francisco sportscaster appears to take umbrage with a colleague accidentally scooping him on a story in footage that's going viral.

As hard as KRON 4's Gary Radnich tried to humor up the exchange, the more it seemed he was genuinely ticked, SFGate reported Monday.

Before Radnich gave the sports segment during a newscast last week, anchor Catherine Heenan reported that LeBron James would star in a "Space Jam" movie reboot, SFGate wrote.

Radnich repeated the news item in his portion, the video footage shows. Heenan apologized for reading the tidbit earlier. Then Radnich sarcastically asked her for the update on Stephen Curry's knee.

"How long have we been friends? Twenty-three years?" Radnich said to Heenan, noting that he doesn't report stories that are typically hers. "I stay in my lane."

It gets more uncomfortable from there, but Radnich insisted on Twitter that he was "playing." Hmm. That "playing" sure sucked up a lot of air time.

But Heenan's tweet indicates that perhaps Radnich's attempt at being funny may have missed the mark. Note the word "trying."

Judge for yourself above.

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